What is a smart meter?

Intelligent meters are the latest generation of electricity and gas meters that have been introduced in the UK. This shows you how much energy you use in kilograms and pence in real time and puts an end to projected rewards.

What is an intelligent meter?

The smart meter monitors the gas and energy you use and how much you spend on this and displays it on the inside of the house on a handy monitor.


They also submit meter readings at least once a month to your power provider, so that you can get the actual bill rather than the approximate bill.


Equipment for smart meters

Your supplier (s) of power will configure:


An intelligent meter of power

-A clever gas meter (unless you are connected to a gas main)

You will be provided with an indoor monitor once your meter is mounted.


Install your intelligent meter


Is the Kilakain clever meter working?

What will you see on the interior display?

You can clearly see on a monitor inside the house:


How much energy you use in almost real time

How much (and how much) energy has been used in the last hour, week and month

Large, medium or low power consumption

Submits power and gas alerts in real time for half an hour.

It will also reveal whether you have a ready-meter.


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Afnar demonstrates a smart meter

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Intelligent wireless meters and applications

Smart meters inside your home use wireless wave systems like a cell phone or TV to use their own secure Wi-Fi network. (You won't have to make WiFi work at home and you will not have to use your WiFi).


A similar wireless network outside your home is connected through your smart meters. The system is run by the new energy regulator, Data and Communications Company, Ofgem.


Smart meter data is kept private and safe by strict new rules & regulations.


What data is collected and how is it used?

Data on how much electricity you have used, but you don't have personal details, is stored on smart meters. Your energy use is shown on screens so you can see it, and it is also forwarded to your power provider, who sends meter readings, with your permission.


This data is often visible to energy network operators, but only anonymously. This will help them gain a better understanding of using electricity, deal more effectively with energy disruptions and better prepare for the energy requirements of Britain.

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