Even if there is no motor vehicle insurance, there will be no case

 No lawsuit is brought against the car or its owner even though no vehicle is insured.

In writing to police requesting they need action on the issue, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) wrote to the police.


Officials of BRTA state that the 1973 cars Act made third-party insurance mandatory. The 2016 Road Transport Act does not, however, require insurance. You can't bring a complaint, whether or not you are not insured.


The Hallowmass 2019 Road Transportation Act of 2016 was inherited. However, since many people have no transparent ideas, there is still a case against them.


Md. sent a request to BRTA for the difficulty on 22 September. It may be a carrier owner of Swadhin Khan. Furthermore, the Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association also requested BRTA on the same subject on 24 September.


The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) president Nur Mohammad Majumder told bdnews24.com on Friday that many people did not understand the idea of a law for cars.


'There must be clarification of the current legislation. Furthermore, the carriers have told us that the previous legislation still covers cases. That's why, in a letter, we told the police. "


On 30 September, the BRTA President sent a letter to the Police Officer.


Under section 109 of the 1983 Ordinance of Motor Cars, third party liability insurance was compulsory for automobiles. The sentence also applied under Section 155 of the Statute. However, insurance is not compulsory for cars, in accordance with paragraphs 1, 2 and three of paragraph 80 of the 2016 Road Transport Act.


Subparagraph1 provides that, as a motorcar proprietor or association can wish, for the number of passengers listed for transport, insure the life and property of any vehicle owned.


The owner of a motor vehicle or the company in which the motor vehicle is operated is required to insure the motorcar in accordance with subsection 2 and to cover insurance for the vehicle's loss or damage.The insurance company is compensated accordingly.


Subparagraph 3 states that when a motor vehicle is involved in an accident or is broken or disabled, the Financial Assistance Fund established under section 53 shall be deemed unable to seek compensation for that car.


In reference to the statute, the letter stated that 'Third party risk insurance is not mandatory and, whether or not it is breached, there is no liability under this Act.'There is no right to bring an action against the car or motorcar owner under the Road Transport Act 2018, if there is no third-party liability insurance.


The letter demanded that those concerned be informed by appropriate measures.


According to the BRTA, 45 lakh 23 thousand 600 people will be registered in the country by August 2020.Among those 30,52000 lakh, about two thirds of the entire number of vehicles are motorcycles.

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